Fireside Chats

Because we live alongside people engaged in interesting work, WCA sees a special opportunity to help facilitate conversations between such people and our community. When we say that our community has people who do interesting work, we don’t necessarily mean paid work or work that’s broadly recognized. What we mean are people, like you and us, who have an interest, an experience, and insights they could share with others. 
From our early soundings, we have heard suggestions on topics ranging from solar energy in Westmoreland to photography, native plants, parenting, estate planning, decorator’s tips, meditation, writer’s block, and health tips. That suggests that we would love to hear from gardeners, journalists, lawyers, travelers, artists, philosophers, parenting experts (if these exist!), professors, business people, entrepreneurs, and really anyone who is excited about a topic and brave enough to share it with others. From our perspective, the more niche and specific the topic, the better!  
In 2024, WCA will gauge our community’s interest in Fireside Chats, a series of informal conversations to take place at the Little House. Since we are a community of people with diverse backgrounds, interests, jobs, and experiences, we hope the topics of our Fireside Chats will be equally varied. There is no bad topic. We are confident that any conversation will find its audience. We will aim for well-attended events, but some chats may involve a smaller audience of engaged participants. The way we see it, meaningful conversations can start with two people.   
If you have ideas, we invite you to share them in this brief questionnaire. It shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes to fill out. The success of this endeavor depends on your ideas, interests, and engagement.