Membership and Dues

WCA Member Information 2024
Everyone who lives within the boundaries of the Westmoreland Citizens Association is automatically a member of the WCA. To maximize the benefits of being a member, you need to register on this website. As a registered member, you will receive bi-weekly e-newsletters and other communications relating to events and matters of interest to the community. You can also find ways to get involved through our postings on the calendar and the message board. 
Registered users can update their profile information by clicking on “Your Profile.” IMPORTANT: For any changes to appear in the printed directory, you must notify treasurerwca@gmail.com or wcapresidents@gmail.com
As a volunteer organization, we rely on dues to finance many of our activities. If you feel these are worthwhile, please consider making an annual $50 dues payment, as described below. 
TO PAY DUES ON THE WEBSITE. Dues are currently payable through the website or by PayPal. To pay by credit card, click here. Or go to the “Join Us” tab, then click on the “Donations” link at the bottom of the page.  To pay by PayPal, send payments to treasurerwca@gmail.com.
TO PAY DUES BY CHECK. Please fill out this form and mail or drop this form to Treasurer, Anne Bowen, 5203 Abingdon Road, Bethesda, MD 20816. Please circle any information that differs from that in the 2023 printed directory. Make checks payable to “Westmoreland Citizens Association” or “WCA” and send this form with your check to Anne Bowen at the address above.
Membership dues and contributions are not tax deductible.