Little House Rental

The Little House at Westmoreland Park is perfect for receptions, classes, celebrations, reunions, and birthday parties.  With 4 adult tables, 3 children's tables, and chairs of both sizes, the Little House can be used for standing or seated events.  The kitchenette has a sink, cabinets, refrigerator, and microwave oven.  The HVAC system has abundant heat and cooling.  There is a restroom for ladies, one for men, and the facility is ADA compliant. You can show DVDs or anything via laptop on the 60" flat screen TV, equipped with speakers.  Outside, there is a playground, tennis and basketball court, and picnic tables.  Field rental is conducted through the MoCo Parks Department.
To rent the Little House from the WCA, please follow these steps:
* check availability on the link provided below or on www.tinyurl.com/wcalittlehousecalendar;
* request your reserved date and time via the email link provided below, or at littlehousecalendar@gmail.com;
* Access these other links below to Review the reservation form, which includes the rate,  and to see the checkout policy and pictures of the Little House and the Park;   
* Once you have received email approval, print and fill out the reservation form, and send payment with your form to the address given. You will be given the access code when your payment is received.
We may more fully automate the form and payment process when our website transition is more mature.  Thank you for your patience.
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